(100 Points)

In the event there are an equal number of students with equivalent points that exceeds the number of seat available, those students will be placed in a lottery for selection.

Category 1

Eligibility to apply: Minimum 2.5 GPA in Anatomy 25, Physiology 001, Microbiology 002, English 001A and Chemistry 2A or 22 or 1A, (maximum 25 points).

25 points for 4.0 GPA in listed coursework
20 points for 3.5-3.9 GPA in listed coursework
15 points for 3.0-3.4 GPA in listed coursework
10 points for 2.5-2.9 GPA in listed coursework

  • Official transcripts in original sealed/unopened envelopes for all lower and upper division courses completed at any and all regionally accredited US institutions, regardless of applicability to nursing requirements will be required.
  • All transcripts from outside the United States must be evaluated by a PCC approved evaluation service. A detailed/comprehensive report with the breakdown of upper and lower division courses is required. Credit from foreign schools will only be recognized for math, humanities, and the physical education requirements.
  • Courses completed at other regionally accredited United States colleges or universities must be equivalent to Pasadena City College courses. For determination of course equivalency, official transcripts and course descriptions for prerequisite courses will be required.
  • All prerequisite courses must be completed with a minimum grade of C or better and the final grade must be posted on the transcript. If the prerequisite courses repeated, the highest grade will be used. Failure to submit transcripts with all grades posted will result in disqualification from the application process.
  • Advanced placement credits will be calculated as follows for English 001A, score of 5 equals an A, score of 4 equals a B, score of 3 equals a C.

Category 2

Approved Diagnostic Assessment Tool TEAS (maximum 25 points). A minimum score of 62 on the most current TEAS exam is required to apply for the nursing program.

25 points for 85 to 100 TEAS score
20 points for 78 to 84.9 TEAS score
15 points for 71 to 77.9 TEAS score
10 points for 64 to 70.9 TEAS score
5 points for 62 to 63.9 TEAS score

Category 3

Completion of relevant coursework required by Pasadena City College Nursing Program for RN licensure (maximum 30 points)

5 points will be awarded for each course completed with a grade of C or higher. Completed courses must be posted to official college transcripts. Work in progress will not be considered.

  • Nutrition 011
  • Psychology 001 or 024 
  • Sociology 001
  • Speech 001 or 010
  • Statistics 050 or Statistics 018
  • Critical Thinking course

Category 4

Relevant healthcare certificates, veteran status, and/or previous academic degree (maximum 15 points)

5 points for licensed or certificated healthcare worker including licensed vocational nurse, paramedic, psychiatric technician, radiologic technician, respiratory therapist, anesthesia technician, certified medical assistant, elder care occupational certificate, or military medic.

         2 points for certificated healthcare worker including CNA, HHA, or EMT, Pharmacy Tech, Phlebotomy Tech.

5 points for honorably discharged veterans or their spouses with a copy DD214 and copy of marriage license.

5 points for PCC LVN program graduates entering the PCC LVN to RN career ladder program.

5 points for advanced academic degree BS/BA/MS/MA from a regionally accredited school in the United States. 

Category 5

Life experience or special circumstances as required and defined by the California Chancellors Office in coordination with the California Nursing Advisory Committee (maximum 3 points).

3 points will be awarded to all applicants. No documentation required.

  • Disabilities (same meaning used in Section 2626 of the Unemployment Insurance Code)
  • Low family income
  • 1st generation to attend college
  • Need to work
  • Disadvantage social or educational environment
  • Difficult personal and family situation and/or circumstances
  • Refugee status

Category 6

Proficiency or advanced level coursework in languages other than English for languages identified by the California Chancellor’s Office (maximum 2 points)

2 points shall be awarded for the ability to communicate in a healthcare setting in: American Sign, Spanish, Tagalog, Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Russian, and various languages of the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia. Documentation requires successful completion of level 2 of the same language in college or self-reported fluency in reading, writing, and speaking a language other than English.