Open Enrollment Dates: September 11th - September 27th, 2023*
Enrollments received before September 14th will be made effective September 1st, 2023. Any enrollment received after September 14th will be made effective October 1, 2023.

To sign up for benefits please click the link below. To login please use your Lancerpoint Account. Please do not include the on your username.
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Adjunct Faculty Benefits Guide

View the 2023 - 2024 Benefits Guide for an overview of your healthcare coverage, cost of coverage, and more. 

Adjunt Benefits Guide

Adjunct Benefits Guide (PDF version)


Eligibility is based on your Full Time Equivalent (FTE) working at least 40% or more every semester. To see if you may qualify for benefits you may refer to Faculty Workload Value Chart below.

The district will pay up to 80% of the medical benefit monthly premium for employee-only coverage.

  • In lieu of Kaiser medical plan, eligible employees may elect a composite dental and/or vision plan up to the cost of the District's medical contribution.
  • If you Decline Kaiser Medical you will be asked to fill out a waiver form and provide a card of your current medical coverage. You may enroll into Dental and Vision and the District will pay 100% for the premium. 
  • Adjuncts who elect Kaiser HMO Insurance, may purchase at their own cost, Kaiser coverage for dependents, dental insurance and/or vision insurance. 

Due to the nature of the measurement period, there is a short turnaround window for you to enroll in benefits. 

Faculty Workload Values

For questions regarding eligibility please  refer to the Faculty Workload Values Menu listed below*

All Credit Divisions except Natural Sciences (Lecture and Lab)          
Note:  17 LHE = 100% workload LECTURE LAB (Nursing) LAB (Dental Hygiene) LAB (Dental Assisting) LAB (All Others)
TOTAL HOURS PER COURSE OUTLINE OF RECORD    1.00 : 1.00 1.00 : 0.83 1.00 : 0.78 1.00 : 0.75
9 3.3% 3.3% 2.78% 2.63% 2.5%
18 6.7% 6.7% 5.55% 5.26% 5.0%
27 10.0% 10.0% 8.33% 7.89% 7.5%
36 13.3% 13.3% 11.11% 10.53% 10.0%
54 20.0% 20.0% 16.67% 15.79% 15.0%
72 26.7% 26.7% 22.22% 21.05% 20.0%
90 33.3% 33.3% 27.78% 26.32% 25.0%
108 40.0% 40.0% 33.33% 31.58% 30.0%
126 46.7% 46.7% 38.89% 36.84% 35.0%
144 53.3% 53.3% 44.44% 42.11% 40.0%
Natural Sciences Division Only    
Note:  18 LHE = 100% workload* LECTURE LAB
9 3.13% 3.13%
18 6.25% 6.25%
27 9.38% 9.38%
36 12.50% 12.50%
54 18.75% 18.75%
72 25.00% 25.00%
90 31.25% 31.25%
108 37.50% 37.50%
126 43.75% 43.75%
144 50.00% 50.00%
All Credit Divisions (Activity, PE Activity, and Field Practice) ACTIVITY PHYSICAL EDUCATION ACTIVITY FIELD PRACTICE
TOTAL HOURS PER COURSE OUTLINE OF RECORD  1.00 : 0.87 1.00 : 0.7143 1.00 : 0.20
9 2.86% 2.38% 0.67%
18 5.71% 4.76% 1.33%
27 8.57% 7.15% 2.00%
36 11.43% 9.52% 2.67%
54 17.14% 14.30% 4.00%
72 22.86% 19.05% 5.33%
90 28.57% 23.81% 6.67%
108 34.29% 28.57% 8.00%
126 40.00% 33.33% 9.33%
144 45.71% 38.10% 10.67%
Non-Credit Division Only    
25 weekly hours = FTF workload
9 2.00% 2.00%
18 4.00% 4.00%
27 6.00% 6.00%
36 8.00% 8.00%
54 12.00% 12.00%
72 16.00% 16.00%
90 20.00% 20.00%
108 24.00% 24.00%
126 28.00% 28.00%
144 32.00% 32.00%

Please note: for reference, course outlines of record can be viewed in WebCMS Workload values are independent of schedule format, class modality, and number of weeks offered. 

*Charts effective 8/28/2023 

-Adjunct Faculty Workload Values are based on Article 5 of the Faculty Association Contract Bargaining Agreement. 

Oerview of Adjunct Faculty Benefits 

Medical- Kaiser Permanente Health Maintenance Organization(HMO)

Dental- Delta Dental Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

Vision-EyeMED (PPO or HMO)

Note: If the Medical plan is waived the Dental and Vision plan premium will be 100% paid by PCC. Enrollment is not automatic you must enroll via Benxcel.

Coverage will be offered the month following the semester start date.

Semester Length of Coverage
Fall September - February
Spring March -  August
If you are adding dependents to your medical insurance, you must provide proof of eligible dependent status by providing a copy of the birth certificate(s) for any eligible dependent children under the age of 26 or tax forms- IRS, 1040 page one only for spouses. Unfortunately, the District cannot enroll you in our benefit programs until you sign up for the benefits on Benxcel.

Based on your pay schedule deductions will be taken over 5 months, for 6 months of coverage. All payroll benefit deductions are taken on a pre-tax basis.

Coverage Level              Total Cost Employer Contribution Employee Contribution     
Employee Only $1,514.94 $1,211.95 $302.99*
Employee + Spouse $3,332.87 $1,211.95 $2,120.92*
Employee + Child(ren) $2,726.89 $1,211.95 $1,514.94*
Family $4,696.32 $1,211.95 $3,484.37*
*Per month rates.
Coverage Level        Total Cost 
Composite (unlimited eligible dependent coverage)  $164.40*
Dental premium is 100% paid by the District, if the Medical plan is waived, but you must enroll via Benxcel.
*Per month rate.
Benefit                Coverage Level    Total Cost 
Exam + Material  Composite Rate $17.39*
Materials Only Composite Rate  $13.75*

Vision premium is 100% paid by the District, if the Medical plan is waived, but you must enroll via Benxcel.

*Per month rates.

All benefit payroll deductions are taken on a pre-tax basis. 

Fall Semester: First deduction will be October 5th if coverage starts on September 1st. Last deduction will be on the March 5th check.

Spring Semester: First deduction will be April 5th if coverage starts in March. Last deduction will be on September 5th check.

Note: There are no payroll deductions during the months of July and February. If there is no winter intersession the February check will have a deduction.

If Adjunct does not have enough pay or does not get paid, we will double the deduction the following month. Or we may request a personal check. 

  • The District pays 80% of premiums for employee-only medical coverage. Medical coverage for eligible dependents can be purchased.
  • Employees will have their premium contributions deducted from their paycheck on a pre-tax basis for 5-months to cover 6-months of coverage. *Note: There is no payroll deduction for the month of July.
  • Employees may waive the coverage by completing the Waiver Form.
  • If a deduction is missed due to insufficient earnings, it is still the employee’s responsibility to ensure that their premium payment is received to avoid cancellation of coverage.
  • If your FTE load drops to under 40% and you no longer qualify for medical benefits, you are eligible for COBRA benefits through Benefit Coordinators Corporation or you may also shop for coverage in the Marketplace, by visiting their website at or

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Consolidates Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA)

Benefit Coordinators Corporation (BCC) is Pasadena City College's COBRA third party administrator. Should you become ineligible for benefits BCC will mail you a COBRA notice. You may also contact them for further information. 


Benefit Coordinators Corporation; Attn: COBRA
Two Robinson Plaza, Suite 200
Pittsburgh, PA 15205

Note: If you are unable to access these documents and require additional accommodations, please contact