Every student who has applied and enrolled at PCC will be given a registration date and time. Your registration date and time will tell you when you can access our Online Registration and begin signing up for classes. You may register online at or after your designated time, but not before your date and time.

Lookup Your Registration Date

You may view your registration date in LancerPoint by following these steps:

  1. Login to LancerPoint and go to the "Classes and Academics" tab
  2. Click on "Check Registration Status"
  3. Select the appropriate term and your registration date will appear

New or Returning Students

If this is your first semester at PCC or you are returning to PCC after more than two semesters away, then you need to apply for admission online and complete the steps to enroll at PCC

Your registration date is determined by when you completed all the steps to apply and enroll at PCC. If you apply online to PCC, but fail to complete the other steps (orientation, placement testing, and new student counseling), your registration date will be moved behind those students who have completed all the steps.

Continuing Students

If you were enrolled at PCC during the last two semesters than you are automatically assigned a priority registration number based upon the number of units you completed at PCC since spring 1982 and units in progress, plus other factors. These numbers are used to assign a registration priority time.

You can view your registration date and time on LancerPoint. Just login to LancerPoint and select “check registration status” option to find out the earliest date and time you can register.

Board Policies and Administrative Procedures - Enrollment Priorities AP 5055

General Registration Periods

Additionally, you can view the Registration Calendar to see when various registration periods begin for each semester. 

Go to the Registration Calendar!