If you find it necessary to withdraw from the college (drop all of your courses), you should refer to the important dates for the semester, available through the Registration Calendar, for the last days to Drop Without a "W" and the last days to Drop with a "W".

If the you drop without a "W" and have paid the fees, a refund will be processed and mailed out. Please note that if courses are dropped without a "W" you will have to reapply for the next semester you wish to attend.

If you drop with a "W" you are not eligible to receive a refund. The "W" will appear on your transcript and you will be considered a continuing student for the next semester (you will not have to reapply).

If you find it necessary to request a withdrawal of all classes after the deadline to drop with a "W", your request will be considered only if you are able to provide documentation of extenuating circumstances that prevented you from dropping your classes on time (such as an illness, hospitalization, accident, etc.).  You may submit a special circumstances petition with the documentation.  If approved, your grades will be changed to "W"s.  Please note that "W"s cannot be removed from your transcript for classes that you dropped or that were dropped by the instructor. 

Please note that it is always your responsibility to drop your classes, you should never assume that non-attendance will result in an automatic drop from the teacher.