Student Drop

You may find the drop deadlines of courses by clicking on the CRN in the online course schedule. Becoming familiar with these dates can help you prevent unnecessary frustration during your educational journey.  

Deadlines for Dropping a Class through LancerPoint

The last day to drop classes varies depending on the number of hours the course meets during the semester. For each class there are two last dates to drop. The last days to drop are listed in the online class schedule and on the student schedule in your LancerPoint portal. 

Courses dropped by the last day to drop for refund will not remain on your academic record. You will not be responsible for any fees associated with that course and a refund would be due if the fees were paid prior to the drop. 

If you drop for any reason after the last day to drop for refund and before the last day to drop with a W you are responsible for the fees associated with the course and will have a W on your academic record for that course.

Courses dropped with a W do not count when calculating the grade point average. Ws are considered when calculating your progress standing. Ws count toward the number of attempts of a course for repeats.

Excused Withdrawal

You may be granted Excused Withdrawal when unexpected circumstances have left you no other option than to stop attending or participating in a course after all appropriate interventions to remain in the course have been explored.

You should work with your instructor to see if any arrangements can be made to support you through your situation so you can complete the course. 

Your should use on-campus services which can support you in completing the course.

As soon as you become aware continuing in the course is not possible, you should drop yourself from the course if the option is still available through your LancerPoint portal.

An Excused Withdrawal is not always the appropriate response to a substandard grade when you attended or continued to participate until the end of the course. You should seek support services to prevent the failing grade and/or discuss the situation with your instructor to find a solution.

The grade the instructor submits is final and the instructor will be included in the determination of whether a grade (D or F) may be changed to an EW.

If you are seeking to have your course drop (W) be considered for an Excused Withdrawal you may submit the petition along with verifiable documentation. The verifiable documentation must directly support the need to withdraw from the course. 

Some acceptable reasons for an Excused Withdraw include:

  • Job transfer outside of the geographical region;
  • Case of serious illness;
  • Illness of a family member where you are the primary caregiver;
  • You are subject to an immigration action (deportation);
  • Natural disasters directly affecting you

Some types of acceptable forms of verifiable documentation may include:

  • Work orders;
  • Medical record (off work/off school notice);
  • Police reports;
  • Court orders

All verifiable documentation must have dates that are relevant to the term for which you are seeking the Excused Withdrawal. 

EWs may have implications toward financial aid. You should consult with the staff in our Financial Aid Office regarding any impact. 

Courses dropped with an EW do not count when calculating your grade point average or when calculating your progress standing. EWs do not count toward the number of attempts of a course for repeats. 

Petitions for Excused Withdrawal are accepted at any time up to six months after receiving a less than passing (D or F) grade or W. 

Emergency Withdrawal

Emergency Withdrawal may be applied when the college is unable to provide instruction due to a natural disaster or other occurrence that prevents the college from instructing you for an extended period of time. 

Emergency Withdrawal may be applied to students who attended PCC Spring 2020 through Fall 2022. Students seeking an emergency withdrawal for courses taken during this period of uncertainty may request to have less than passing (D or F) grades or Ws changed to EW.

Instructor or Administrative Drop

You can be automatically dropped from a course for the following reasons:

From Spring 2021 through Summer 2023, all face-to-face or hybrid classes required a COVID-19 vaccination or qualifying medical/religious exemption. Students who did not submit appropriate vaccination records or qualifying exemption requirement set by the college, were dropped from their face-to-face or hybrid class(es).
  • It is in your best interest to drop yourself from any course you no longer plan to attend or participate in. 
  • If you fail to attend the first class meeting, you may be dropped.
  • If you arrive late to the first class, you may be dropped
  • Excessive, continuous or cumulative absence may also result in your being dropped.
  • Instructors should drop students who have not appeared in class or who are judged to be inactive by the census date (Monday of the 3rd week of the semester for a full semester length class).

To avoid being dropped, you must make arrangements with your instructors prior to any planned absences from class.

If your classroom, clinical, or laboratory actions are dangerous to the health or welfare of yourself or other persons, you may be dropped from the class.

You may be dropped from class for unsatisfactory conduct or citizenship related to the class. This includes, but is not limited to conduct in a classroom or other setting such as a laboratory, clinic, or work station. Unsatisfactory conduct or citizenship includes, but is not limited to, cheating, plagiarism, other forms of academic dishonesty, flagrant violation of instructor direction, and actions disruptive to the on-going teaching and learning process.

 You may be dropped from a course due to low enrollment or other administrative issue determined by the division in which the course is offered.

 You may be dropped from a course(s) if you fail to meet the prerequisite. To learn more about clearing prerequisites, visit the Prerequisite Office.

Refunds for Dropped Classes

You may refer to our refund policy to see if you qualify for a refund of the fees you paid.