The District shall replace computer desktops and laptops on a 5-year refresh cycle.

If your department has a need for a new computer, please follow these guidelines to determine the funding source: 

Computer Funding Guidelines


ITS Funded

Department / Grant Funded

Equipment Funded

Full-time Faculty


Adjunct Faculty

Five Desktop Computers Per Division

Additional Computers Beyond Five


Full-time Office and Support Staff 


Managers and Executives


Part-time Staff, Professional Experts, Shared Computers



Computers Originally Purchased with Grant Funds





Computer Labs


Laptop Carts


Conference Rooms


All full-time faculty and office/support staff will be provided one ITS funded computer from the options described below.  Managers and Executives will be provided with an ITS funded desktop and laptop.  All other computers must be purchased using Department or Grant funding.

Full-time Employee Computer Options



Office Staff 

Power Users


Windows Desktop and Monitor


Windows Laptop


Mac Desktop w/ Built-in Monitor



Mac Laptop


Laptop Docking Station and Monitor 


Included w/ Laptop Option

In Lieu of Desktop

Power Users are defined as employees whose job duties include complex scripting/programming/database queries, virtualization/image building, artificial intelligence research, virtual/augmented reality, 3D modeling and high-end graphics/video/audio editing.  Depending on workload, Power Users will have the option to choose standard models with additional RAM/Storage/CPU, or from the High Performance Standards if more powerful 3D rendering or server-grade CPU processors are required.

Obsolete Computers (5+ Years Old)

Please note that when a computer older than five years is refreshed, the obsolete computer will be collected for salvaging.  If the obsolete computer stays within the department/division’s possession at their request, ITS will tag the machine appropriately and will no longer perform hardware repair on the system. Systems that do not support the latest operating system or cannot receive security updates must be removed for salvaging and cannot stay in operation.

Repurposed Computers (0 - 4 Years Old)

At times, ITS may keep in stock older model machines that are under warranty that can be used for emergency loans, shared spaces, or hourly staff.  These machines are limited in numbers and will not be refreshed by ITS when the warranty expires.

Computer Peripherals

Please follow these guidelines to determine if a computer peripheral will be ITS funded or department funded for full-time faculty and staff.  Please note that for part-time staff, professional experts and shared computers all accessories (with the only exception being telephone) must be department or grant funded.

Peripheral Funding Guidelines


ITS Funded

Department / Grant Funded

First Monitor


Additional Monitors


Basic Keyboard/Mouse


Specialized Keyboard/Wireless Mouse





Department Copiers*





*Please see ITS Printer and Copier Standards for additional details.

If your Department has a need to refresh computers or purchase additional peripherals, please contact the ITS Help Desk by visiting or by emailing by

Current Standard Models

Current Computer Standards

Computer Type

Manufacturer and Model

Windows Desktop

Dell Optiplex 3000 Small Form Factor

Windows Laptop

Dell Latitude 5430

Mac Desktop

iMac / Mac Mini

Mac Laptop

MacBook Air 13" or 15"


HP Chromebook 14A

Windows Laptop - Low Cost

Dell Latitude 3420

Windows Desktop - High Performance 

Dell Precision 7920

Dell Optiplex 5000 Small Form Factor

Windows Laptop - High Performance

Dell Precision 5470

Mac Desktop - High Performance

Mac Studio

Mac Laptop - High Performance

MacBook Pro 14" or 16"


Apple iPad / iPad Air / iPad Pro

Accreditation Standard - ACCJC Standard III. C.2

The institution continuously plans for, updates and replaces technology to ensure its technological infrastructure, quality and capacity are adequate to support its mission, operations, programs, and services.