The PCC campus offers free wireless Internet to all students, faculty and staff. Wireless access is generally available around the entire campus, in most indoors and in select outdoor spaces.

Available Wireless Networks:

Network Name Available Locations Services Security
PCC_Campus All locations district-wide Internet and Email Open / Unencrypted
PCC_Staff All locations district-wide Internet, Email, and Specific Printers Encrypted - Requires Staff Login

Accessing the Wireless Networks

To access the wireless network you will need:

  • Any device with a wireless network interface card compatible with the Wi-Fi standard IEEE 802.11g, 802.11n, 802.11ac or later. Most areas of campus are not compatible with the older IEEE 802.11b and 802.11a standards.

How do I connect to the PCC_Campus wireless network?

  • Turn on your laptop or wireless-enabled device.
  • Connect to the PCC_Campus wireless network in your device's network settings
  • Open a browser, such as Chrome or Safari.
  • You are now connected!

How do I connect to the PCC_Staff wireless network?

  • Turn on your District laptop or wireless-enabled device in locations the PCC_Staff network is available (See summary grid below)
  • Connect to the PCC_Staff wireless network in your device's network settings. You will be prompted for your LancerPoint credentials and asked to accept a security certification from radius1.pcc.local. Please accept.
  • Open a browser, such as Chrome or Safari
  • You are now connected!

Wireless Use Policies

All users are bound by the Pasadena Area Community College District Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources policy when utilizing the wireless network. Users are expected to use the wireless network in a responsible manner, consistent with the educational and informational purposes for which it is provided. You are subject to the normal requirements of legal and ethical behavior within the college community even though you are using a personal computer. Failure to comply with PACCD policies and regulations will be handled in accordance with the College's disciplinary policy.