Steps to Change Your Password

Before you begin, gather all devices you use to access your PCC email such as your smartphone, tablet, and laptops. You will need to update all devices at the same time.

1. If you have NOT set up security questions in LancerPoint, then your first step is to set up security questions. If you have, please proceed to step 2.

  • Go to 
  • Select the 3rd item, "Set up or change my security questions"
  • Follow directions provided to set up your questions

2. Go to

3. Select the 4th item, "Reset my password"

4. Follow the directions provided to change your password

5. If you have PCC email on your smartphone or tablet, please remember to update the device to use your new password. The best approach is to remove the email account completely before you cahnge your password and then add it back in with the new password. Simply updating your password can be problematic. For more help, read our setup guide for Android and Apple iOS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please make sure that your password is not using any part of your username or that it matches your previous password. Please change the password to something completely different than your username and your previous password and try again.

If you already know the password, you can still reset your password at Select Set up or change my security questions (the third option), and follow the prompts. After that, you can reset the password.

If you use a network printer/scanner to scan documents to your email or to your network documents folder, please call the Help Desk (626-585-7523) and let them know you've changed your password and need to have your new password set on the network printer/scanner.

If you are using Mac Outlook 2011, you will need to change the password in Outlook preferences.

  1. From the "Outlook" menu, select Preferences.
  2. In the Outlook Preferences screen click on Accounts.
  3. Highlight the Pasadena account and find the Password box at the bottom. Type your new password into that box.

Need More Help?

Contact our Help Desk if you have any questions about this process!