PCC Email for students uses Gmail from Google. The following information will get you started and provide help with some of the more common requests we receive from you. 

Getting Started

If you are new to PCC Email and/or have never used Gmail by Google, you can refer to the Gmail Help Center to learn all the basics of your new email account: 

Visit the Gmail Help Center

Forwarding PCC Email to my Personal Email Account

PCC does not allow forwarding PCC email to a personal email account due to security reasons.

Setting Up PCC Email on my Mobile Device

If you would like to set up PCC Email on your smartphone or other mobile device, just follow these steps: 

  1. Before you setup PCC Email on your phone it's important that you reset your LancerPoint password. This will allow PCC Email (Gmail) to sync up with your mobile device. You can reset to your existing password, it's just important that you reset. To do this use the following link:
    Reset Your LancerPoint Password
  2. Follow the instructions for your specific platform under the "Gmail app" section of the Gmail Help Center or go to your specific platform using the links below: 
    Setting Up Gmail on Android   Setting Up Gmail on iOS