What You Can Edit

As a Content Contributor you have the ability to edit the assets that your department/area owns. If your page includes the asset of your department’s phone number, you will be able to edit it. If your page includes assets that are owned by other departments, you cannot edit them.  

For example, let’s say on one of your pages you want to refer students to contact a Counselor and include the phone number asset for counseling. You will not be able to edit that asset as it is owned by Counseling. But, if Counseling changes their phone number and updates their asset, your page will automatically be updated!

To see which assets you have access to edit:

  1. Login into the Modern Campus CMS Dashboard.
  2. From the Global Navigation (blue bar at the top) hover your mouse over “Content” and click on Assets.
  3. This will show you a list of all the assets in OUCampus.
  4. The names of the assets that you have permission to edit will be listed as blue links. The assets that you cannot edit will be black and cannot be clicked on.

How to Edit Your Assets

  1. Login into the Modern Campus CMS Dashboard or through the DirectEdit Link
    • Note: For assets it does not matter which page you enter the site from, though it’s usually less confusing if you enter from a page you own.

  2. From the Global Navigation Bar (blue bar at the top of OUCampus) hover your mouse over Content and click on Assets.

  3. This will take you to the Asset List View.

  4. Click on the name of the Asset you wish to edit.
    • Remember, you have to have permission to edit the asset. If you don't, the name of the asset will not be a link.

  5. Check Out the Asset by clicking the check out light bulb icon. (Checking out an asset follows the same rules as checking out a page.)

  6. Click Edit from the Page Actions Toolbar.

  7. Once you click edit, a editor will open and you can make changes to the asset, just as you would make text edits to a page.
    • For questions about text editing, review our Basic Editing tutorial.

  8. When you are finished with editing the asset, save the asset by clicking the Blue Save button at the bottom of the page.

  9. Next, from the Page Actions toolbar at the top, click Submit to submit the changes to you approver and have your asset published.