What are Assets?

Assets are reusable pieces of content that can be placed on many pages. When an Asset is edited and published, all pages that include the asset are automatically published with the changes. Assets make it convenient to update multiple pages that require the exact same information (i.e. the phone number for a department).

What assets are on my pages?

The assets that appear on pages vary depending on the area. Typical types of assets that you may find on your pages are:

  • Department Phone Number
  • Department Hours
  • Department Location
  • Department Email Address
  • Department Fax Number
  • Terms/content used throughout the PCC website (i.e. AD-T definition, links to the course catalog, etc)
  • Forms 

Assets can easily be identified when you are in the WYSIWYG editor of a page. When there is an asset on a page, you will not able to preview it. Instead you will see a grey box as a placeholder.

What an Asset looks like in the WYSIWYG Editor:

screenshot of an asset in the WYSIWYG editor

You cannot edit an asset from the WYSIWYG editor. Instead they are managed from the Assets List View