When putting content on the PCC Website, you need to make sure it meets Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. In Modern Campus CMS, there is an Accessibility Check that will check your page for any issues that conflict with web content accessibility standards. The Accessibility Check does not check documents (i.e. PDFs) that you have attached to the page. It will only check the page content itself.

How to Run an Accessibility Check

  1. View the page you wish to check in Modern Campus CMS.
  2. Make sure the page is checked out to you.
  3. From the Page Actions toolbar, click the Page Check button.
  4. This will display the Page Check modal.
  5. Click the Accessibility button to run the check.

Accessibility Check Results

  1. If after running an Accessibility Check errors were found, click the Show Results link (this will be displayed under the Accessibility button on the Page Check modal).

  2. This will display the Accessibility Check Results modal. This modal displays a list view of all problems, including likely issues. Each item displayed in the Accessibility Check Results modal includes a reference to the exact line in which the errors were found and an explanation of the problem.

    • Known Problems: Known Problems are problems that have been verified as broken or creating an accessibility error. These problems are identified by the red icon next to each list item. A helper message will appear with each list item, helping you identify a solution to repairing the problem.
    • Likely Problems: Likely Problems are items that the Modern Campus CMS system identifies as most likely being an error, but should be reviewed by a user to determine if the problem is real or not. If you receive Likely Problems, review the problem(s) and confirm whether or not any changes need to be made.

  3. Once you review the Accessibility Check Results, return to the Page Edit View. Using the WYSIWYG editor, make the necessary changes to fix any accessibility problems.

  4. Once you have fixed the error(s), re-run the accessibility check to confirm that the page is fixed.

  5. When all Accessibility Errors have been fixed, you will see a Green Button indicating that it has passed the Accessibility Check.

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