You will need to work with Strategic Communications and Marketing to add a new document to the website. In most cases, a document will be in PDF format. Before you request to add a document to the website, try to determine if the content would be better suited as a new webpage. PDFs are difficult to keep up-to-date and in compliance whereas a webpage is fully accessible and can be updated at any time. Keep in mind that PDFs are best for items that need to be distributed unaltered and that are intended to be printed in a particular format. PDFs are not mobile-friendly documents and can be frustrating to view on a mobile device. 

Request a New Webpage Instead

If it is determined that your content is required to be in PDF form as a download from the website, it is the document author/owner's responsibility to ensure the document is 508-compliant (screen reader accessible). That means that a PDF will pass Acrobat Pro's Accessibility checker. Learn more about that on our Creating Accessible Documents page. Once you can provide us with a 508-compliant PDF, we will upload it for you to the /docs folder in the appropriate section of your website. From there you can create links to that document from whichever page(s) you want.