Before You Edit

The current text on your pages have already had styles applied to them to make sure that they adhere to the PCC design style guide. The below information should be used to add new text to your page. It's best practice to leave the current styles as is.

The Styles dropdown on the toolbar allows for a pre-defined style to be applied to text by selecting the style from the list. A full list and explanation of available styles are explained in the Visual Style Guide.

Types of Styles

The styles you will use when editing your pages are:


  • Text styles will always start with " Text | " and can be applied to any text on your page.
  • Text styles will change the way the text looks, but will not change any code to identify the text as a heading or paragraph (i.e. if you select Text | Heading XL from the styles menu, the text will look the same as a Heading 1, but will not identify the content as being a Heading 1 in the underlying code.
  • Text Styles should not be used in place of the Headings from the Format Dropdown when a heading is needed – only to create the style headings when desired.


  • P Styles start with " P | " and can be applied to any Paragraph text


  • HR styles start with " HR | " and can be applied to any Horizontal Rule (HR).
  • Horizontal Rules are lines that are used to help break up text.


  • A styles start with " A | " and can be applied to change the style of a link.
  • However, when changing the style of a link you should change it in the Insert/Edit Link Modal, NOT from the Styles dropdown in the toolbar. Learn More About Links.

Apply a Style From the Styles Dropdown

Before applying a style, make sure you review the design style guidelines to ensure that you are using the style correctly.

To apply an element from the styles dropdown:

  1. Select the text or Horizontal Rule you wish to apply a style to
  2. Click the styles drop-down from the toolbar
  3. Scroll to find the style and click it
  4. This will apply the choice

Note: You can add multiple styles to text or an HR. After you add the first style, re-select the text and repeat the above steps.

Remove the Applied Style

  1. Select the text or HR you wish to remove a style from.
  2. From the Toolbar menu, click the “Clear Formatting” button. This will remove the styles that have been applied.

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